fixed rate rights

The Fixed term (Prevention of less favourable treatment) Employees Regulations (2002) protect both those working under standard fixed term contracts with a stated termination date and those on 'specific task' contracts. However, they do not protect agency staff.

The regulations entitle fixed-term workers to claim equality of treatment with permanent colleagues in the same establishment. This applies to terms and conditions of employment, including pay and pensions, as well as training and development.

They also give fixed-term employees a range of rights and protections, including:

  • a right to call for a written statement from the employer of the reasons for any less favourable treatment
  • an entitlement to be informed by the employer of available vacancies in the establishment
  • a prohibition on the use of 'redundancy waiver clauses', which in the past allowed employers to require staff on fixed-term appointments of two years or more to sign away their right to claim a redundancy payment if the contract is not renewed.