Fixed-term employee protection


Fixed-term workers have the same minimum rights as permanent workers. Find out what a fixed-term contract is and what extra protection there is for fixed-term employees.

To be a fixed-term employee two conditions must apply:

  • you must have an employment contract with the business you work for
  • your employment contract must be ‘fixed-term’, meaning it must end on a particular date, after a certain event or on completion of a task

Examples of fixed-term employees are:

  • ‘seasonal’ or ‘casual’  staff taken on for six months during a peak period (for example agricultural workers or seasonal shop workers)
  • a specialist employee taken on for the duration of a project
  • someone employed to cover during another employee's maternity leave

You are not a fixed-term employee if you:

  • have a contract of employment or other contractual relationship with an agency rather than the company you are working (for example temporary or agency workers)
  • are a member of the armed forces
  • are an apprentice, student or other trainee on a work-experience placement or temporary work scheme